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Kashmir Earthquake

The 2008 earthquake in northern Pakistan left the region devastated, tens of thousands were left in desperate need of relief. Due to the massive displacement of families women and children were hit especially hard and malnourishment was rampant among survivors.

HOPE took action to provide aid to those affected by the destruction, mobilizing a 17 member team to give on the ground support. This team consisted of physicians, doctors, gynecologists, paramedics, and social workers who treated around 4,000 patients. With the help of UNICEF, HOPE began rehabilitating nutrition status of children under 5 and of pregnant and nursing mothers. Hope set up two offices, one in Muzaffarabad and one in Bagh District to assist with the counseling the mothers and giving care to the children.

Cyclone and Flood Relief – Dadu

June of 2007 the coasts of Sindh and Balochistan were ravaged by hurricanes and floods, these disasters left much of the roads and transport lines unusable making relief efforts almost impossible. HOPE with the help of Indus Motors, HSBC Bank, and House of Habib held relief operations in Gadap, Dadu, Juhi and Kharo Chand, all were regions affected by the storms. HOPE set up camps in this region to provide the necessary care to survivors. A team of doctors from Karachi and Thatta provided medical consultation to over 1,000 patients, they were given medicine and food as well. HOPE also provided tents for housing against the approaching monsoon rains. With stagnant waters many residents contracted gastroenteritis and diarrhea, HOPE handed out water purification tablets to those in need.

HOPE Relief Operation for Swat Internationally Displaced Persons

HOPE deployed a medical team to Swat and Dir to administer relief aid to the Internationally Displaced Persons in the region. This diverse team of medical professionals and social workers saw 1,000 patients during their work in the area. Moving from various camps, Jalala Camp, Yar Hussain, Ambar, and others. Patients suffered from a variety of diseases diarrhea, skin infections, acute respiratory infection, and more. Relief goods from tents, beddings, and coolers to flour, rice, lentils, and other necessities were distributed to the people. HOPE also gave 12.5 million sachets of PUR to 25,000 families (approx. 200,000 individuals) along with other tools for which to access clean water.

Baluchistan Earthquake

October 29th 2008 Balochistan was rocked by a 6.4 earthquake, Ziarat and Pishin district being the worst hit. Over 200 people perished in the disaster and thousands more were left displaced, homeless with winter on its way. HOPE assembled a team of 20 medical professionals and social workers to alleviate the condition of those affected by the earthquake. Medical aid was provided along with essential foods and items for winter such as winter proof tents and winter clothing. A second relief operation was conducted in December, providing aid to affected villages, helping 6,000 victims of the earthquake. Additionally medical camps were opened across to provide 7,500 patients with medical care.