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Maternal Child Center


Maternal and Child health Centers have been established in Manzoor Colony, Mujahid Colony and Bilal Colony where ante–natal care is provided to mothers. For this purpose a liaison has been established with the TBA’s in the area. Simple deliveries are conducted in the MCH Centre. In case of complications, the MCH Staff immediately takes the patient to a Tertiary Care Hospital. In case of threatened abortions, D & C is performed under hygienic conditions. Family Planning is an important activity.

Karachi Hospital


A multi purpose HOPE Community Center has been constructed in Zia Colony, Korangi Karachi with the assistance from the Japanese Embassy Grass Root Assistance (GRA) Programme. Annually 64,000 patients are seen. On an average the income of each family varies from Rs. 3000 to 5000 per month with a family size of at least 7 persons per household. Government health facilities like Civil and Jinnah hospital are at least 45 minutes to an hour away. In case of emergencies such as pregnant women bleeding, or a dehydrated child, it becomes extremely difficult to transport patient to the city. The HOPE hospital provides secondary care comprehensive facilities for patient including a blood bank. Around 1595 surgeries are conducted and 328 admissions in NICU.

Basic Health Unit in Sujawal


By opening a Basic Health Unit (BHU) in Sujawal, a village located in interior Sindh, HOPE is once again fulfilling its motto of “reaching out where no one reaches”. This BHU was set up with the generous support of the Citibank.  Around 67,000 patients seen in 6 months and 79 normal deliveries conducted.

Thatta Hospital


HOPE Community Center – Thatta One more multi purpose HOPE Community Center has been constructed in Thatta, Sindh with assistance from the Japanese Embassy Grass Root Assistance (GRA) Programme. The hospital in Thatta provides secondary care facilities to the poor and rural area in Thatta districts. There is no other blood bank in Thatta except the in the HOPE Hospital. Consultants including gynecologists, surgeons, and child specialist weekly provide consultation visits from Karachi. Annually 52,000 patients seen 1781 surgeries are  conducted and 448 Neonates treated in  NICU.

Basic Health Unit in HUB


HOPE, in collaboration with Asia Petroleum, started a Basic Health Unit in the HUB area in August 2010. The Health Center is located in a poor area. Majority of people live without electricity, poor hygiene and sanitation facilities and limited clean water. Diseases are common in this area. This BHU is providing outpatient services, maternal check ups, childcare, ultrasound facilities, etc. to the local residents who have limited access to proper medical facilities. Emergency services including oxygen therapy, nebulization, IV drips are also provided. Medicines are given free of cost. In the past six months, the BHU has treated almost 12,631 patients for various illnesses.