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Our Mission

A society in which all citizens are guaranteed access to health and educational opportunities as basic human rights.

Our Vision

Equality for women and children in Pakistan


HOPE USA is a volunteer-driven nonprofit which has been supporting relief efforts in Pakistan since 2008. HOPE USA supports new and ongoing projects in health, education, and emergency relief for underprivileged communities of Pakistan by providing grants to organizations with the funds it raises

We rely on generous funding from individuals like you. From sponsoring a child’s education, to contributing towards a generator or incubator for a hospital, to buying a child a rare new outfit on the Islamic holiday of Eid, there are many numerous opportunities to help.

HOPE USA passes the strictest tax standards for an American charity and is registered as a 501(c)(3) – your donation not only makes a difference in someone’s life, it is 100 percent tax-deductible as per the IRS.

Donations of Zakat and Sadaqa are accepted by HOPE USA.   
Federal Tax ID Number 26-0257617.


Health Oriented Preventive Education (HOPE) was the inspiration of Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla, a pediatrician by profession who helped eradicate polio from Pakistan in the early stages of her career. In 1997, while working in Karachi’s government-sponsored hospital for the needy, Civil Hospital (where she currently still practices), Dr. Mubina thought of a vision for the betterment of the citizens of her country. She and a small band of volunteers joined forces to establish HOPE as a nonprofit governmental organization in Pakistan.

Due to Dr. Mubina’s medical background, HOPE’s initial objective was to provide the poor with better access to medical centers and hospitals. In a country grappling with basic issues such as lack of access to clean drinking water, poor maternal and infant health, malnutrition in children, prevention and treatment of diseases such as malaria, cholera, and tuberculosis, it already seemed as though HOPE had enough of a challenge on its hands.

But soon Dr. Mubina realized that the cornerstone of a productive and forward-thinking community relies on both a healthy body and healthy mind. She honed her vision to an integrative approach that was twofold: health and education.

As a single woman in a male-dominated country, Dr. Mubina faced many challenges and setbacks; it was through perseverance and hard work that HOPE grew from a dream to a reality. Today, HOPE has a countrywide presence throughout Pakistan which includes hospitals, formal schools, informal schools, vocational centers, basic health clinics, mobile health clinics, and maternal health clinics, all which provide free or minimal-cost healthcare and education. Additionally, HOPE has been active in disaster relief efforts throughout Pakistan.

In the course of 21 years, HOPE has evolved to an organization that prioritizes the health and education opportunities of underserved women and children in Pakistan. HOPE aims to empower females and youth with education and health so that they become self-sufficient and productive members of society.