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HOPE Doles Out Relief to 16,000+ Flood Victims in Swat Valley and Rajanpur

HOPE Doles out Cooked Food, Rations, Clothing, Mosquito Nets, Shoes to 16,000+ Flood Victims in Swat Valley and Rajanpur, Pakistan

Last weekend, the HOPE Team conducted extensive relief work in Swat Valley (northern Pakistan) and Rajanpur, Punjab. In total, 16,000 flood victims in both areas were given biryani, food rations, clothing, shoes, mosquito nets (critical due to the spike in dengue fever and malaria), and PuR water sachets.

Maximize Your Flood Relief Impact with HOPE USA

Over 33 million residents have been impacted by the catastrophic floods in Pakistan and estimates to rebuild the infrastructure within the country are as high as $10 billion.

How to Help:

You can make a difference today by donating to our 2022 Karachi Flood Relief campaign via:

  • The HOPE USA Website (click on the donate buttons above or below):

  • Zelle to: (Please make sure to include an email address for a tax receipt).

  • Mail a check to: HOPE USA, PO BOX 786, Newark, CA 94560. (Please include your email address for a tax receipt.)

Here is a breakdown of what various forms of relief cost:

  • Cooked Food​: $4/family of 4

  • One-Month Food Ration Bag: $33/family of 8​

  • Medical Intervention​: $8/Patient

  • Clothing​: $10/Person

  • Bedding​: $15/person

  • Mosquito Nets​: $5

  • House Reconstruction: $800 to $1,000

HOPE USA has a long-standing history in Pakistan (24 years) and specializes exclusively in poverty alleviation efforts within the country. We have been active in flood relief efforts since Day 1. Our areas of impact so far have included Karachi (and urban slums within), Thatta, Badin Sujawal, Balochistan, Larkana, Sukkur, Shikarpur, Dadu, Rajanpur, Punjab, and we will also be providing extensive relief to Swat Valley (shown in our pictures) which has experienced unprecedented destruction. These areas are the most impacted in the country and very few people (organizations) are providing relief to victims in these locales.

HOPE USA is dedicated to rebuilding the country for the long haul; we urge you to take part in this disaster relief effort along with us. Every noble achievement begins with a sincere intention and single step forward.

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