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HOPE USA 2020 ACCOMPLISHMENTS 2020 has certainly been a testing year (no pun intended) for the entire world. The HOPE USA team wishes to focus the spotlight on accomplishments made possible by our incredible donors!


  • 15,000 needy people have been treated for coronavirus free of charge in our hospitals in 2020

  • HOPE Zia Colony Hospital has been designated as a quarantine facility since the onset of the pandemic

  • The Pakistan government elected HOPE to establish a Covid-19 ICU in Sindh Government Hospital – Karachi


  • HOPE distributed one-month food rations to 4,000 needy families in 2020 (over 25,000 people total)

  • 6,500 iftars were distributed to the poor in Ramadan

  • 11,000 poor people received meat during Eid ul Adha


  • Over $35,000 was raised in 2020 alone to support impoverished girls studying in our 35 home schools in Kashmir

  • The Japanese Embassy funded the construction of a new school building in Muzaffargarh

  • Over 1,500 poor students received new clothes (Eid clothes, uniforms, winter clothes)

  • Our almost 10,000 students have been continuing their studies during the pandemic with safety procedures in place


  • Our four HOPE Hospitals continued to operate with safety procedures in place, treating 500,000 patients in 2020

  • HOPE Hospital Karachi underwent renovation in time to handle the influx of coronavirus cases

  • HOPE was awarded an ambulance by PayPal to serve 800,000 poor residents who have little access to medical care


  • In 2020, 500 needy students received income-generating vocational training in computer software and languages

  • 80 percent of our vocational students are marginalized young women


  • HOPE provided food, temporary shelter, and set up medical camps to benefit over 2,000 Karachi flood victims

  • HOPE is the only NGO in Pakistan authorized to distribute P&G PuR water sachets to purify contaminated water

COVID - 19 RELIEF in the USA

  • HOPE USA donated hand sanitizer to over 50 Chicagoland masjids and businesses to help prevent the spread of coronavirus

HOPE USA operates in remote areas of Pakistan along with urban slums which are underserved. We are often the first and only NGO to provide relief to our beneficiaries. We are proud to have established poverty-alleviation methods of Health, Education, and Vocational Training in poor communities throughout Pakistan for 23 years. The HOPE USA Team wishes to extend our gratitude to our loyal supporters who have made these accomplishments possible. Despite the unforeseen pandemic, we are blessed to achieve another record-breaking year and we are so grateful to Allah SWT. We pray that all of you are rewarded abundantly in this life and the next. Ameen! Best regards, The HOPE USA Team

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