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HOPE has built 6 vocational centers to give boys and girls the ability to build their own futures through education and skill development. These vocational centers were established in underserved areas where access to education and economic opportunity is limited. The purpose of these centers is to provide residents with a way to earn and income through vocational and computer training programs. Skills include sewing and embroidery for young girls, hardware and software for both boys and girls, as well as English language classes. HOPE has opened vocational centers the in following areas:

  • Karachi Zia Colony

  • Karachi Bilal Colony

  • Thatta

  • Badin

  • Muzaffargarh

  • Sujuwal

These centers are versatile to the needs of whom they serve, HOPE introduced a mechanical center for those affected by the flood to give them practical skills and self reliance when it comes to repairs, upkeep, and maintenance.

Karachi: Zia Colony offers computer training, English classes, sewing, cutting and embroidery classes, with 280 individuals using the facility in 2016. Bilal Colony has opened a new computer center this year.

Thatta: HOPE’s vocational center offers computer classes, sewing, and embroidery. This past year around 200 students attended the center with over 1500 attendees having come and gone over the years.

Badin: This center was designed to serve the women of the area, equipped 10 sewing machines as well as fabrics and material to work with. The center is literally built with the earth, a mud building that includes a garden for the attendees. Around 200 individuals attend this center every year.

Muzaffargarh: HOPE’s vocational center in Muzaffargarh offers both vocational and computer training to the underserved community of Chowk Godar, Baseera. 850 attendees have left with vocational skills to sustain themselves.

Sujuwal: The Sujuwal centre focuses on vocational skills around tailoring and embroidery. With all materials and tools being provided to the 200-250 attendees each year.