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Access to clean water is essential for any person, unfortunately it is also an unattainable luxury for many. Many of Pakistan’s underprivileged communities suffer from waterborne diseases due to this. In response HOPE is actively worked to provide this essential commodity to those in need.

Since 2009 HOPE began a campaign in Karachi to make water accessible to residents by distributing PuR, a water purifying agent. Packeted in a sachet it makes polluted water drinkable by eliminating harmful elements in it. From June of 2009 to July of 2010 1.2 million sachets of PuR were distributed. This was accompanied with demonstrations on how to use this as well as education on the importance of clean water consumption.

After the 2010 flood millions were left without access to clean water leading to a variety of diseases becoming rampant among those affected by the floods. HOPE’s relief efforts focused heavily on distributing PuR’s, handing out 45,000 families in Peshawar, Muzzafargarh, Sukker, and Thatta. 1.8 million PuR’s were distributed along with brochures and demonstrations to ensure proper use.