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A Bit About Pakistan

Pakistan is an emerging third world country in South Asia with a population of 212 million people.  It is the sixth most populous nation in the world.  The ethnic population within Pakistan is diverse as is its geography.  Pakistan has made many strides in the past two decades to alleviate poverty within its population, yet much remains to be done.    

In a country with a rising illiteracy rate, where malnutrition and preventable diseases are widespread in children and mothers have a higher chance dying giving birth, it is no secret that Pakistan has a long road ahead when it comes to the welfare of its citizens.  Even though the challenges ahead are overwhelming, and new obstacles seem to crop up when older ones are defeated, HOPE USA has not given up the fight.  


We have been an active reformer in health and education initiatives in Pakistan since 1997.  Today, HOPE has evolved to a charitable organization that prioritizes the underserved and underprivileged in Pakistan, especially women and children.

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