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Fulfilling a Basic Need

Access to clean water is essential for every human being's health.  Unfortunately many of Pakistan's underprivileged communities suffer from water borne diseases such as typhoid, E. Coli infections, and cholera due to the lack of access to clean water.  Since 2009, HOPE has partnered with Proctor & Gamble to distribute PuR amongst rural and remote communities.  PuR is a small sachet produced by P&G which purifies polluted water by eliminating harmful elements from it.  Within the first year HOPE launched this campaign (from 2009 to 2010) we distributed 1.2 million sachets of PuR.  During the 2022 Pakistan Flood Crisis, 21 million liters of PuR were distributed in flood-ravaged communities.  In our outreach efforts, we teach the importance of consuming clean water along with disease prevention by handwashing and soap.

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Partner With Us

Create a Lasting Legacy

Hand pumps are a wonderful way to create a Sadaqa Jaariyah (perpetual charity) for yourself, your family, and especially your loved ones who have passed away.  Not only do they allow impoverished villagers access to a clean water source, this effort in turn helps reduce the spread of waterborne illnesses such as diarrhea and gastroenteritis.  Constructing a hand pump therefore serves as a much-needed proactive healthcare measure for underserved communities.  

HOPE has approximately 140 hand pumps scattered throughout various poor localities and villages in Pakistan such as: Ghagger, Gharo, Khatore, Tharpakar, Sakhro, Badin, Karachi (Link Road), Muzaffargarh, Thatta, and Azad Kashmir, just to name a few.  Each hand pump provides a steady supply of clean water for 50 to 75 families (400 to 800 people).

Hand pumps are constructed on a first-come first-serve basis.  It can take anywhere from eight to ten months from the time you place your initial order to the time we can update you with pictures of your completed hand pump.  Constructing a hand pump is a complex process because several locations must be tested before our on-ground team can determine an ideal spot in which to excavate.  

You may donate the entire amount yourself or pool together a collection with a group.  You may also contribute smaller amounts to support general maintenance efforts. 

The cost of each hand pump is $2,000 and this includes an inscription in English and/or Urdu.

If you would like to sponsor the construction of a hand pump for villagers in Pakistan, simply donate using the tab below.

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Hand Pump - HOPE Pakistan

Hand Pump - HOPE Pakistan

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