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HOPE Kashmir Students Enjoy a Day of Fun after Exams

Dear HOPE Friends,

The students in our 35 home schools across Kashmir just finished their second term exams. Students in grades 1 through 5 were tested in the following subjects: English language, English literature, Urdu language, Urdu literature, Mathematics, Science, Arts and Crafts, Social Studies, and General Knowledge.  Students in grades 6 to 8 were tested in these additional subjects: History, Geography, Arabic language, and Agriculture.  Overall, the students performed very well on their second term exams; disadvantaged students were given extra help and attention from the first day of classes to help them catch up to their peers.

Currently, HOPE home school fifth graders and eighth graders in Kashmir are fully prepared for their upcoming board exams.  Board exams are held on Pakistan province levels and all government and private schooling institutions participate in these exams.

To celebrate the end of the second term, teachers arranged an activity day for the students complete with food and games.  The children were very excited to have a day full of extra-curricular fun with their classmates.

The teachers of HOPE schools are working hard to equip their students for the future and nurture their personalities.  Along with academic knowledge, they make sure to include extra-curricular activities such the ones pictured below.  As you can see, the theme color of the celebration is red.  The students performed rehearsed dances, played musical chairs, played tug-of-war, and enjoyed a meal together. As a side note, you can see in the pictures below that winter is already approaching in the Kashmir mountains and that the students have long-sleeved tops on underneath their party clothes. Some of you may also recognize that the students are also wearing the same Eid clothes that were gifted by HOPE donors a few months ago. The beauty of these gifts is that the students wear their clothes at each fancy occasion throughout the year.

Thank you for your continued commitment to these children's educations and futures!  This would not be possible without your support and encouragement!

Next is a video of a few students performing a rehearsed dance.

The students also enjoyed musical chairs:

Here are the students competing in games of tug-of-war:

Lastly, the students settled down to enjoy some food:

Thank you for your continued commitment to these children's educations and futures!

Best regards,

Ambereen Siddiqui

Director HOPE USA

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