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HOPE USA Provides Medical Relief to Palestinian Victims

Dear HOPE Friends,

HOPE USA has collaborated with Red Crescent to provide medical aid to hundreds of victims of the current humanitarian crisis in Palestine. Due to the highly sensitive situation in the area, we are not able to share pictures of your donations at work. We generally pride ourselves on giving thorough updates of our activities, but hope you will understand that the lack of pictures and follow-up is for the safety of the Palestinian people themselves. Please be assured that your donations have reached needy Palestinians and have been specifically used to provide them with medical relief during this time.

Thank you for your overwhelming support for our first international relief effort! We are honored to have earned your trust. As more information is available, we will update you further.

I wanted to share a quote by a recent generous donor to our campaign when asked what inspired them to donate:

"Attended school with Palestinians in the 1950s. Even then intelligent tourists, seeing the situation up close, were shocked and then angry that the US media so badly misrepresented the Arab-Zionist conflict."

Thank you for being a part of standing for justice!

Best regards,

Ambereen Siddiqui

Director - HOPE USA

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