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HOPE USA Surpasses House Reconstruction Goal with Grand Slam by Darul Sadaqa and Private Donors

Dear HOPE Friends,

Over the past two months HOPE USA has been working on one of the most humbling aspects of disaster relief pertaining to the 2022 Pakistan Flood Crisis - house reconstruction for flood affectee families. We are ever so grateful for the success of this project which has largely been sponsored by Darul Sadaqa 786, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which has a long-standing relationship in a multitude of HOPE's poverty alleviation avenues. Together with funding from private donors and Darul Sadaqa 786, HOPE has exceeded the initial goal of 25 houses and we will be constructing an additional 4 houses to benefit a total of 29 families (232 beneficiaries total).

Prior to embarking on this project, HOPE surveyed the areas of flood destruction and focused on families who had literally lost everything in the floods and were living in makeshift homes. Our beneficiaries for this project include widows, blind people, disabled people, orphans, and other disadvantaged people. We have constructed housing in Larkana, Shikarpur, and Sujawal, three areas which experienced widespread damage following the floods.

The HOPE Team would like to extend our gratitude to Darul Sadaqa 786 along with our private donors who have so generously funded this zakat-eligible project. Each house costs $1,500 and is a concrete structure which protects families from the basics and includes the essentials. This project is a rare combination opportunity for a Zakat-eligible as well as a Sadaqa Jaariyah cause as the families will own the homes and pass them down to their children.

Darul Sadaqa 786 has generously sponsored a whopping 23 out of a total of 29 houses for this particular reconstruction project. As witnessed by HOPE USA, Darul Sadaqa 786, literally "House of Charity" has lived up to its name time and time again. HOPE USA is especially appreciative for their trust in not only this project, but various other poverty alleviation measures ranging from the construction of our Kashmir Maternal and Child Health Center to equipping our hospitals with Covid-19 equipment such as ventilators to regularly supporting our hospitals and home schools and participating in Ramadan and Qurbani activities amongst others. Darul Sadaqa 786 was founded by Sister Iffath Hasan, a self-taught hafizah of the Quran who along with managing this nonprofit, conducts various free Islamic classes ranging from Arabic grammar to Character Building for women.

If you would like to donate towards our House Reconstruction Zakat-eligible/Sadaqa Jaariyah cause or any of our poverty alleviation measures in Pakistan, you may do so via the following:

The HOPE USA Website: (Tax receipt generated automatically.) Zelle: (Please make sure to include an email address for a tax receipt.) LaunchGood:!/ Mailing a Check: HOPE USA, PO BOX 786, Newark, CA 94560. (Please include your email address for a tax receipt.) In total, we are humbled to say that our beneficiary count for the 2022 Pakistan Flood Relief Crisis has exceeded 100,000 individuals.

Once again, our heartfelt appreciation to all our supporters for their generosity which has enabled us to change the lives of those who have lost everything.

Warm regards, The HOPE USA Team

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