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Update on Covid-19 Situation in HOPE Hospitals

Dear HOPE Friends,

Thank you for the outpouring of support towards our Medical Supplies and Equipment for HOPE Hospitals!

Many of you may be aware that the coronavirus situation in Pakistan, and in particular, Karachi is quite tense. As of yesterday, the government has implemented a two-week lockdown to prevent the spread of cases. Currently, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases is 175,000 and 3.500 resulting in death. Experts are predicting another 200,000 to 1,000,000 (highest estimates) cases by the end of July.

HOPE Hospital Zia Colony, HOPE Hospital Thatta, and HOPE Hospital Sujawal have been treating coronavirus cases since the beginning of June. HOPE Hospitals are also open to poor people for childbirth and other necessary medical interventions. Currently, HOPE Hospital in Gurumandir is sealed due to a large number of positive cases in the area.

With your contributions, HOPE has been able to acquire the following medical supplies and equipment:

PPE Kits =200

Masks = Unlimited

Cardiac Monitors = 2

Pulse Oximeters = 5

BiPAP Machine= 1

Ventilator = 1 (short supply - will arrive in 1 month)

Oxygen Cylinders = 15

Infrared Thermometers = 4

At present, we are treating approximately 10 to 12 mild to moderate coronavirus patients daily in each HOPE hospital. The number of patients per day has been gradually increasing. To date, HOPE has treated approximately 340 coronavirus patients. 80 percent of cases are sent home with requisite equipment (pulse oximeter, oxygen, medicine - azithromycin, micronutrients, vitamins) and told to self-isolate. HOPE medical staff is able to visit these cases in their homes to evaluate the progress of their treatment. Some patients end up staying overnight for several days while others are sent home for self-isolation. If the condition of the patient becomes severe and requires further intervention, we refer the patient to a government hospital.

These pictures are just in from our hospitals treating coronavirus patients. You can see the equipment purchased and your donations being used to protect the lives of front-line employees and save the lives of patients.

Best regards,

Ambereen Siddiqui

Director - HOPE USA

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