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Update on Our Newest MCHC in Kashmir

Dear HOPE Supporters,

Dr. Mubina and the HOPE Pakistan team are currently in Kashmir to monitor our new Maternal & Child Health Center along with a few other projects. Thank you all for your overwhelming support of our Kashmir MCHC! As you can see, the center is being well-utilized by the surrounding community. We are very grateful to all our donors because this facility is serving an area where no other health facilities are present within a two-hour radius. On average this center is serving 55 to 75 patients daily, 80% of whom are women and children. This equates to approximately 20,000 to 27,000 patients per year.

The initial donations towards the construction of this project were Sadaqa Jaariyah. As mentioned in a previous update, all donations now are Zakat-eligible as they are going towards providing medical care for Zakat-eligible people in the area.

Thank you for your generosity and trust in all our projects - we are humbled by your support!

Warm regards ,

Ambereen Siddiqui

Director - HOPE USA

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