Poverty Alleviation Through Vocational Training

HOPE’s strategy for long term women’s empowerment is twofold: education and vocational training.

It is vividly recognized that women's empowerment is essential for sustainable economic growth and reduction of poverty in developing countries.

We begin at a grassroots level in underserved communities and methodically use strategies to eliminate the barriers to education children (especially females) face in Pakistan.

After obtaining a solid education, young adults are guided into vocational training programs that prepare them for the private sector, entrepreneurship opportunities, or careers with HOPE. 

  • In the fight against poverty, HOPE has established vocational facilities in six underserved areas in Pakistan.

    • These vocational centers provide skills development opportunities to young women and men in textile design, computer literacy and English proficiency.

    • Particular emphasis is placed upon training females to promote economic empowerment.

    • In 2017, a total of 1,360 students completed vocational training at HOPE’s vocational centers and 80 percent of those students were females.

HOPE for the Future

HOPE's Six Vocational Centers in Pakistan:
HOPE Vocational Center Zia Colony

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HOPE Vocational Center Bilal Colony

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HOPE Vocational Center Thatta

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HOPE Vocational Center Badin

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HOPE Vocational Center Muzaffargarh

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HOPE Vocational Center Sujawal

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