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2,000 Blankets Distributed to Flood Affectee Families in HOPE/Asia Petroleum Winter Collaboration

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Dear HOPE Friends,

This week the HOPE Team joined forces with its long-standing partner, Asia Petroleum to distribute 2,000 blankets to needy families in Dadu, Sindh. Dadu along with Shikarpur, Larkana, and Sujawal are heavily populated urban slum districts in Sindh, Pakistan which were further thrust into disarray during the 2022 Pakistan Flood crisis. In last week's cooperative effort, a total of 1,000 families benefitted from a timely gesture to keep poor families afloat and warm during the winter months following a national crisis of unseen proportions.

HOPE USA has been on the frontlines of the Pakistan Flood crisis since Day 1. We are humbled to report that we have delivered aid to the most turbulent stricken areas of the floods and our total beneficiaries for this disaster relief effort alone total over 100,000 victims. To date we have provided relief in the form of cooked food, food rations, medical camps, bedding, mosquito nets, and are currently in the process of rebuilding houses for widows, orphans, and other marginalized families who have lost nearly everything due to the extensive damage wreaked by the floods.

All our services/goods delivered to Pakistan Flood Affectee families are Zakat-Eligible and the houses we are constructing will also be owned by the families themselves - hence a Zakat-eligible cause as well. Sponsoring the construction of a full house for a family is $1,500 and an amazing and unique Sadaqa Jaariyah opportunity.

Since HOPE USA is invested in helping flood affectee victims (who lived in poverty even prior to this crisis) rebuild their lives from a basic needs as well as psychosocial rehabilitative aspect, we will be working closely with these communities for months and years to come. If you would like to partake in this Zakat-eligible opportunity, you may do so by the following:

Zelle: (Please make sure to include an email address for a tax receipt.)

Mailing a Check: HOPE USA, PO BOX 786, Newark, CA 94560. (Please include your email address for a tax receipt.)

JazakumAllahu Khairan for your generosity and trust in our efforts!

Warm regards,


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