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460 Kashmir Students Receive New Eid Clothes

Dear HOPE Friends,

With Eid just around the corner, HOPE's annual tradition of Eid Clothes distribution for impoverished children is well underway. Through the generous donations of our supporters, HOPE has been able to make Eid brighter for tens of thousands of marginalized children over the years. When the basic needs of food and shelter are barely being fulfilled, special treats such as new Eid clothes become a rare luxury for those living in poverty. However, as part of our comprehensive strategy of changing the mindset of those living in poverty, and empowering them to actively practice what they aim to become, HOPE has challenged the norm for 23 years. Each year, 2,000 impoverished children are gifted with brand new Eid outfits that they proudly wear on Eid and other special occasions throughout the year. This generous Zakat-eligible gesture is a gift which raises the self-esteem of marginalized children, and instills in them a sense of self-worth. The resulting smiles are priceless.

The pictures show our distribution in our Kashmir home schools where 460 children received Eid outfits. HOPE operates 35 home schools in Kashmir which educate 1,800 students. Our home schools have revived a neglected solution to the education crisis in Pakistan whereby educated community females teach children who have historically faced barriers to education.

To learn more or donate towards Eid Clothes (just $12/outfit), visit our website at:

For Pakistan Donations (Just PKR 1,500/outfit):

Faysal Bank A/C # 0333007900198120

United Bank A/C # 000203948741

Habib Bank A/C # 0786-00099297-03

For UK Donations (Just £9/outfit):

We are well on our way towards meeting our goals for this Ramadan and we could not have done this without your unrelenting support - thank you to all of you!

Best regards,

Ambereen Siddiqui

Director - HOPE USA

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