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HOPE USA Distributes 1,000 Ration Bags to the Poor


I am so humbled to share with you the pictures of our Grocery Project distributions over the past week. We had a goal to distribute 600 rations this week and by the Grace of Allah SWT, we were able to distribute 800 ration bags to poor families. In total since we have started the Coronavirus Grocery Rations, we have distributed slightly over 1,000 grocery rations to poor families! This translates to 6,000 people receiving basic groceries to last them a month!

Thank you immensely for your support of this noble project. The pandemic situation in Pakistan is getting worse and many areas we were expecting to distribute to have been sealed off due to Covid-19 cases. We will be evaluating distribution efforts in the upcoming days and I will keep you posted, in shaa Allah.

Below, please find pictures of the distribution this past week and the totals: Zia school 125 Zia hospital 125 Thatta 225 Sujawal 50 Sachal 25 Mujahid Mch 20 Bilal mch 40 Dhabejee 47 Gharo 20 Bilal school 20 Manzoor Mch 15 Rehri goth 40 Bhens colony 15 Gadap 50 Bhittaiabad 45 Mujahid school 52 Badin 35 Ghagger 60

Total Ration Bags: 1,009

Take care and stay healthy!

Ambereen Siddiqui

Director - HOPE USA

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