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HOPE USA Uses Zakat Funds Year-Round

Did You Know That HOPE USA Uses Zakat Donations to Fund Eligible Causes Year-Round?

  • Life-saving Surgery - Just $150/Person

  • Monthly Food Ration Bag - Just $33/Family of 8

  • Door-to-Door Iftar Distribution - Just $1/Person

  • Doctor’s Visits for Needy People - Just $1/Visit

  • Medicines for Poor People - Just $3/Medicine

  • New Eid Clothes for Poor Children - Just $17/Child

  • Education for a Needy Child - Just $100/Child/Year

With HOPE USA, you can be certain that your Zakat donation will be used year-round to sponsor Zakat-Eligible goods/services for Zakat-Eligible people! These causes have been verified and approved by scholars!

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