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Karachi Flood Relief Efforts Going Strong!

Dear HOPE Friends,

By the Grace of Allah SWT, our Karachi Flood Relief efforts are going strong! Thank you sincerely to all our donors who have pitched in for this calamitous natural disaster.

HOPE has been operating in Pakistan for 24 years; we have extensive experience in Disaster Relief and we have been at the forefront of every emergency that has affected Pakistan, from the 2005 Kashmir earthquake to the floods that hit Sindh every few years. In total we have aided over 50,000 victims of natural disasters. We are also the only NGO authorized to distribute PuR Proctor & Gamble sachets in Pakistan which are critical during emergencies where clean water becomes near impossible to obtain. Also, in March 2021 we were awarded a medal by President Arif Alvi for our work in poverty alleviation in Pakistan - we were one of two organizations in Pakistan given this honor by the Pakistan Air Force.

HOPE USA is on the frontlines of the Karachi flood crisis. We are providing aid in the urban slums within the Karachi, Pakistan metropolitan area as well as remote and neglected villages in Balochistan and Punjab. Many roads are excessively flooded so even accessing certain areas becomes a logistical challenge.

We are supporting victims in the form of house reconstruction, distribution of food rations, distribution of biryani, and treating patients who have waterborne illnesses. All victims of this disaster relief effort are Zakat-eligible and this is a Zakat-eligible cause.

If you would like to make an impact today:

House reconstruction - variable but can range from $500 to $1,000

Food Ration Bag - $33/family of eight for one month

Biryani - $4/family of four

Medical aid - $5/patient

You can donate via our website by clicking on the blue buttons and selecting "2022 Karachi Emergency Flood Relief" or Zelle us at Please be sure to include your email address so that we can send you a tax receipt.

Thank you for your contributions during this time of need.

Warm regards,


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