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Ramadan 2022 Accomplishments

2022 Ramadan Accomplishments -

30,000+ Needy People Served

We are humbled to say that yet another successful Ramadan has passed! May Allah SWT accept the strivings of our donors as well as the efforts of the HOPE Team. Ameen!

Door to Door Iftar Distribution (Zakat-Eligible) - 10,000 needy persons served total

Food Rations (Zakat-Eligible) - 2,000 One-month bags distributed (to serve 16,000+ needy people)

Eid Clothes for Children (Zakat-Eligible) - 2,000 Needy Children gifted new Eid clothes

Sit-down Community Iftars (Sadaqa) - 2,500+ children and adults served

Areas of Impact - Deserts of the South and mountainous regions of the North and everything in between

We are thankful to our supporters for partaking in this journey with us and hope to gain more of your trust in the future!

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