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Ramadan Special Campaigns and Zakat Projects

Dear HOPE Friends,

In shaa Allah you are all healthy and well and ready for the start of the blessed month of Ramadan! As always, the HOPE Team ramps up their efforts during this month to benefit as many poor people as possible.

We have special LaunchGood campaigns that we run only in Ramadan (Door-to-Door Iftars and Eid Clothes for Needy Children) as well as our Food Rations campaign which runs throughout the year but is amplified to reach more people this month.

These campaigns are all Zakat-Eligible and we hope that you will dedicate a portion of your Zakat this year towards these noble causes.

Door-to-Door Iftar: Just $4/Family of 4 (Includes biryani, samosas, dates, fruit juice, and balooshahi)

Food Rations: Just $33 to Feed a Family of 8 for One Month (Includes milk powder, wheat flour, lentils, rice, cooking oil, sugar, tea, salt, dates, rooh afza)

Eid Clothes: Just $17/Child

In addition to our special Ramadan campaigns, HOPE uses Zakat in the following ways throughout the year:

Life-Saving Surgery for a Needy Person (Just $150/Surgery)

Food Rations (Just $33 to Feed a Family of 8 for One Month)

Door-to-Door Iftars (Just $4/Family of 4)

Doctors' Visits (Just $1/Visit)

Medicines for the Poor (Just $3/Medicine)

Eid Clothes for Needy Children (Just $17/Child)

Education for a Needy Child (Just $100/Child/Year)

You can donate by visiting our website at and selecting from the dropdown menu. You can also Zelle us directly at (please be sure to indicate what cause you would like to support in your memo).

And lastly you may also donate directly via our LaunchGood campaigns:

Thank you for your generosity and wishing you all a month full of blessings and forgiveness from Allah SWT. Ameen!

Best regards,

Ambereen Siddiqui

Director - HOPE North America & Europe


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