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Tackling Poverty in Pakistan Through 7 Avenues of Intervention 🌏

Did You Know…

HOPE USA Provides Services Spanning 7 Avenues of Poverty Alleviation to Over 750,000 Needy People/Year!

1) Healthcare - Over 750,000 patients treated for free/nominal cost/year; 70% are women and children

2) Education - 10,000 students/year educated for free/nominal cost; 70% are girls

3) Vocational Training - Over 500 young adults receive income-generating vocational training per year for free/nominal cost; 80% are females

4) Aqua Project - Over 65 hand pumps established in rural and remote areas to allow villagers access to clean water

5) Ramadan Activities - Over 30,000 poor people given Iftars, Food Rations, and Eid Clothes each Ramadan

6) Qurbani Activities - Over 10,000 poor people given meat during Eid ul Adha

7) Emergency Relief - Medical care, food, and shelter intervention given to over 50,000 victims of natural disasters such as the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and annual floods

To learn more or donate Zakat or Sadaqa, visit our website at

Zelle: (Please include what category you would like to donate towards as well as your email address for a tax-receipt).

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