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Explore How HOPE is Impacting Lives in Pakistan Today


HOPE provides free to minimal cost healthcare to over 500,000 impoverished patients every year through its network of health facilities throughout Pakistan.


HOPE is implementing innovative solutions to tackle the education crisis in Pakistan. We have a formal and informal school network that educates nearly 10,000 students per year, 80 percent of whom are girls.

Vocational Centers

HOPE has established six vocational centers in underserved communities which aim in developing income generating skills as a means for economic self sufficiency.

Emergency Relief

HOPE has been a critical responder to areas in Pakistan affected by natural disasters. To date, tens of thousands of individuals have received medical attention, food, and shelter to help them rebuild their lives.

Aqua Project

Access to clean water is a basic human necessity lacking in Pakistan. HOPE has been a leader in this effort by distributing PuR (put Pur logo as per P&G) water satchets and intalling handpumps in rural and remote areas.

The need for HOPE

In a country with a rising illiteracy rate, where malnutrition and preventable diseases is widespread in children and mothers have a higher chance dying giving birth, it is no secret that Pakistan has a long road ahead when it comes to the welfare of its citizens.  Even though the challenges ahead are overwhelming, and new obstacles seem to crop up when older ones are defeated, HOPE USA has not given up the fight.  We have been an active reformer in health and education initiatives in Pakistan since 1997.  Today, HOPE has evolved to a charitable organization that prioritizes the underserved and underprivileged in Pakistan, especially women and children.

Make a Difference in someone’s life

HOPE USA is a non-profit organization under IRS 501(c)(3). Donations for Zakat and Sadaqa are accepted by HOPE USA.