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12,000+ Pakistan Flood Affectees Receive Relief in HOPE USA/Asia Petroleum Collaboration

Dear HOPE Friends,

Last week, over 12,000 victims of the recent Pakistan Floods were provided relief in the form of one-month food ration bags, Procter & Gamble Purifier water sachets, and mosquito nets in a collaborative effort carried out by HOPE USA and Asia Petroleum Limited.

With current flood water recession estimates remaining at the six-month mark, Pakistan Flood victims - many who were already living well below the poverty line - are in acute need of long-term rehabilitative efforts, both from a basic necessities and psychosocial standpoint.

Since HOPE USA's mission is to end poverty in Pakistan, we will be heavily invested in intervention efforts which aim to help rebuild Pakistan Flood victims' lives from scratch.

You may donate towards HOPE USA's Pakistan Flood Relief mission via:

  • The HOPE USA Website: (Tax receipt generated automatically.)

  • Zelle: (Please make sure to include an email address for a tax receipt).

  • Matching Opportunity: _A generous donor of CryptoZakat is still matching the first $100 of donations to HOPE USA’s Pakistan Flood Relief campaign!

  • Mail a Check: HOPE USA, PO BOX 786, Newark, CA 94560. (Please include your email address for a tax receipt.)

In last week's cooperative initiative with Asia Petroleum, HOPE USA tackled heavily-hit areas in Sindh including: Larkana, Kumb Village, Ranipur, Mitiari, Pir Ali Shah Village, Mehar Village, Baqrani Village, Dadu, and Muhammad Usman Khuso Village. During this emergency effort, we provided flood affectees with one-month ration bags containing the following:

  • Milk Powder: 1 kg

  • Cooking Oil: 5 kg

  • Sugar: 5 kg

  • Rice: 5 kg

  • Wheat Flour: 10 kg

  • Lentils (Dal): 5 kg

  • Tea: 1 kg

  • Salt: 3 pouches

  • Dates: 1 kg

In addition, beneficiaries were supplied with a one-month supply of Procter & Gamble Purifier sachets - sediments that purify and filter polluted water to make it safe to consume. The provision of clean water is a preventative and proactive measure rolled into one: clean water provides not only a drinking/cooking source for beneficiaries, it prevents the spread of waterborne illnesses such as gastroenteritis and diarrhea.

Lastly, families were provided with mosquito nets which have become a crucial commodity due to the spike in potentially fatal illnesses such as dengue fever and malaria, both transmitted by mosquitoes.

Thank you to all our supporters for your trust in our work and your endless generosity to alleviate the plight of the poor in Pakistan!

Warm regards,


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