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HOPE Awarded Ambulance via Paypal Grant

Dear HOPE Supporters, We are thrilled to share pictures of our newly acquired Ambulance for Villagers in Sujawal!

  • HOPE's Sujawal Hospital is the only medical facility in its area which services Sujawal's population of 800,000 

  • Our patients are primarily pregnant women with labor complications or children with life-threatening emergencies

  • Sujawal Hospital treats 75,000 villagers per year

  • 24/7 Ambulance services will aid in the transport of life-threatening emergencies from the village to the hospital

  • Ambulance Service was awarded via a grant from Paypal initiated by a Paypal employee

How You Can Help:  If you work for a corporation which awards grants to 501(c)(3) organizations, please reach out to us at and nominate us - often an employee connection is required for organizations to be considered for grants such as these. 

Best regards,

Ambereen Siddiqui

Director - HOPE USA

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